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The Adoption Requirements...

To adopt a puppy from Neverdone Farm There are a couple requirements.....

  #1  A fenced in yard is no longer just an option, either regular fence or invisible.  Unfortunately,  there have been pups/dogs loose their lives to being struck by automobiles on the road.  I will have to insist on some type of fencing.  It's no different then putting your baby in a playpen, it keeps them safe.  And if installed properly, a fence can add not only safety for your pup, but add value to your property. A yard is a requirement also.

  #2   Bernese Mt. Dogs can average from 80 lbs to 125 lbs.  Needless to say they are not a good fit for apartment dwelling. This also includes Condo's and Townhouses that don't have a yard. They need plenty of room, they don't require a lot of exercise, but they do need room to grow and play.  I won't adopt puppies to apartment, condo, or  townhouse dwelling folks, without a yard,  sorry.

 #3   Someone needs to be home with the puppy for at least part of everyday. New puppies need plenty of attention to bond with their new families.  A puppy cannot grow up healthy and happy stuck in a kennel or crate all day and night. 

#4  Puppies will need to be spayed or neutured by 18-24 months of age for male and females. The majority of the puppies adopted from Neverdone Farm are pets, for the dogs health and safety, they will need to be spayed or nuetured. 


  ***Here is a link for the AKC's insight on spaying and nuetering your puppy:

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