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Here are some of the puppies that have been born on Neverdone Farm that have all grown up with their new families.......

This is Bentley, he lives in Hawaii, as of 2017 he is almost 11 years old
This is Bruno, he's 6 years old, he lives in New Brighton, PA

This is Bridger, he lives in Pittsburgh, PA 6.5 years old

This is Dalton, he's 11 years old and he lives in Erie, PA
This is Hulman, 9 yrs old and Hinkle, 1 yr old, both live in Indiana

Sampson, Hetty and Navarre's son October 2017

Sampson Hetty and Navarre's boy 10-18-17

Atlas, 2 yrs old Washington State Hetty and Navarres son

This is 2 yr old Lilla, she lives in Pittsburgh, PA
This is Jake, Pipers brother, Almost 2 years old, he lives in Pittsburgh, PA
This is Stella, she's 9 yrs old and lives in Montana
This is Tucker, 5 yrs old,  and Watson, 2 yrs old, they live in New Jersey

Kona-Hetty and Navarres son November 2018

Lilla Navarre and Hetty's Daughter 5-23-
Hetty and Navarre's son Kona
Deagan Piper and Fallons son

Deagan, Piper and Fallon's son, November 2018

Atlas 2 yr old Hetty and Fallons son 7-2

Otto & Bleu,  Hetty & Navarre's sons, brothers 2018

Otto and Bleu.jpg

Drogan, January 2018

Drogan 1 year old Megan Carel

Maisy 4 years old

Maisy 4 yrs old 1-2018.jpg
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