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Darla is available for adoption.  I purchased her as an adult.  She just turned 2 years old in October 2022.  She is a sweet, laid-back girl that loves attention. She weighs 85 lbs.  She has been an outside dog, so I doubt that she is house broken. If you are interested in adopting Darla, please email me or call and I will be happy to talk about her with you. There will be an adoption fee for her only to cover the cost of all her testing and spaying expenses.
Here are some of the testing she has had done:
--She has been xrayed for hips and elbows, She has mild hip dysplasia. Her elbows were clear. Although she's not suitable for our breeding program, due to her young age, joint supplements should allow her live a happy healthy life as a pet. 
--She's  been tested for Lymes disease and 3 other tick borne diseases, all clear. 
--She has been genetically tested for DM --Degenerative myelopathy, clear on both genes.
--She has been heartworm tested (Clear)  and on preventative heart worm medication.
--She is up to date on all her vaccines including Rabies.
  Darla has an appointment on June 16th to be spayed.  If you are interested in adopting Darla, please email or call at 724-893-6152 

Darla 2 yr 4 month 3-9-23 (600x800).jpg

Updated 5-29-23

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