Jewel has been Adopted!! We wish her nothing but happiness in her new home!!!!!

On Occasion we do have some adult dogs available for adoption for various reasons....

Jewel 10 months.jpg
Jewel 1 year old 6-2020.jpg

This is Jewel, she is 2 years
old. She will be 3 in June. 
DM --Carrier
DM SOD1B--Clear
OFA Hips--Fair Preliminary
OFA Elbows--G1 right
OFA Patella's--Normal

 Although she didn't pass all of her tests, --She has Grade one Elbow Dysplasia in her right elbow.  She is very healthy and shows no signs of lameness or pain in her affected elbow.  She is a DM carrier (Degenerative Myelopothy), meaning she carries the gene but won't be affected by it.
My fault as to her lack of training......

She is extremely introverted, but loving.  She has always been an outside dog.  She needs a home where someone has plenty of patience and time to work with her as she needs to build her confidence. She's a good girl otherwise, very pretty and loving.  She is a "Barker", but she's so happy! 
She is microchipped, up to date on all vaccinations and heart worm medicine.  She will be spayed before she leaves.

Updated 3-8-22