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Health Issues......

Bernese Mountain Dogs are prone to health issues such as:

**hip and elbow dysplasia-even parents with excellent rating can have puppies with dysplasia

**cancer-many types can be hereditary or not

**cateracts-most often hereditary, disease that causes clouds over the lenses of the eyes

**bloat-When the stomach flips over and strangles itself, can be fatal if not treated immediately, not hereditary

**umbilical hernias-can be hereditary and there are different types, occur at the umbilical cord location sometime can require sugery, some can correct themselves

**Renal Disease (kidney)-when the kidneys failed to filter toxins or fail to function, can be hereditary

**Degenerative Myelopathy​-affects the spinal cord and causes loss of use of the legs--hereditary

  Just to name a few... Most all dog breeds are susceptible to most of the same diseases. Some of them can be hereditary, some can be caused from any number of reasons or sources. 

  Some of these problems can be prevented by testing and medical evaluations. Some can appear out of no where even when you have given your dog the best care in the world.


   I will be here for the life of your dog for support and advice, whatever you may need.  If you find you cannot keep your puppy/dog for any reason at all, I will take back the puppy/dog (no refunds) or I will assist you in finding a proper home for your puppy/dog.  I would never want a puppy from Neverdone Farm to end up in a shelter. 


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