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When Your Puppy Goes Home

Feeding your puppy:
 I recommend feeding your puppy on a schedule until he or she  is house broken. 
***Puppies should be eating 3 times a day until 6 months of age, then twice a day.  Give the recommended amount of  food on your food bag and give the puppy about 15 to 20 minutes to eat. Whatever isn't eaten, pick up for the next feeding. 
*Also, I recommend no food or water after 6pm unless it's really hot and then just a small amount of water.  Again, just until they are house broken and learn to "hold it" all night.  

Food Recommendations:
***Your puppy should be switched over to adult food around 5 to 6 months old as puppy food has an enormous amount of protein. For dogs Protein is energy and these guys don't need extra energy as they are growing so fast it just causes unnecessary stress on bones and joints. 
*** If you want to change your food to a different brand, it should be done gradually over about a week to prevent stomach and intestinal upset. 
**I recommend food that is all natural, no additives, artificial colors or flavors, no menadione-sodium-bisulfite-complex-(source-of-vitamin-k-activity), no byproducts. 
  **Please read the label, if the first ingredient isn't some kind of meat--Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Venison, Salmon etc.,  steer clear of it. 

Crate training:
 ** Once your puppy goes home you may want to crate train your puppy. When purchasing a crate, make sure it is large enough for your puppy to grow into it. 
** A crate is a "SAFE" place for your puppy.  It may take some getting used to , but don't give up, they will learn that it's okay to be in it.
  **I Don't Recommend using the crate as a disciplinary solution for bad behavior

  ** I don't recommend putting toys in the crate as it may be a choking/ingestion danger that could lead to a bowel/intestinal blockage. A crate pad or blanket is okay unless your puppy wants to chew on it or shred it.  Again, it could become a health hazard.
Social Skills:
**  The best way to gain great social skills with your puppy is to get him or her out and about meeting new people and non aggressive dogs. 
** Dog parks are okay, but I recommend waiting until the puppy has had it's first and second set of vaccines before taking them to a dog park. 
**The best way for a puppy to gain social skills with both other dogs and other people is puppy obedience classes.  This is a more controlled environment and it will ease your puppy into being social.

Hazards To Beware Of :
***Rope toys--
never leave a puppy or dog unsupervised with these toys.  They will fray and can easily be chewed through and chunks swallowed.  These are known to cause intestinal blockages. 
**Raw Hide--also need constant supervision, I actually don't recommend them at all.  Raw hide is not only a choking hazard, but can also cause intestinal blockages.
***Bones--No real bones unless they are the huge hard bones that they cannot break pieces off of and swallow them. 
**Various House Plants--Many can be poisonous, puppies will eat anything. Best to look them up to see whether or  not they are poisonous.
**Certain Dog Treats--As with dog food, read the labels, bright colored treats, red & yellow etc. are colored to be pleasing to you, they're not good for your dog. Dogs and puppies don't care what color treats are as long as they taste good!


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