Currently, our waiting list is Full thru the Fall of this year! 

We have had a successful breeding with Honey and Capone!! This will be Honey's first litter!  Puppies will be due mid July. Confirmation of pregnancy will be done in 30 days......   So Exciting!


Honey 09 30 2021  2.jpg


Capone 22 months 6-2021.jpg

Lily went into labor on March 29th, after hours of not being able to give birth a c-section found only one puppy alive.  Three puppies perished, heart breaking to Lily and to all of us at Neverdone Farm. 


Lily's Boy 7 wks


Lily 3-22-22-7.jpg
Lily's Boy 7 wks 5-18-22.jpg
Capone March 2021 18 months_InPixio_InPixio.jpg

Fara gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies on April 13, 2022 There are 8 boys and 2 girls.  At the moment, all the puppies are spoken for.   


Fara  11 months.jpg


Capone 19 months.jpg

5 wks old

White Black Boy 5 wks 5-18-22 (7).jpg

White Black Boy

Dark Pink 5 wks 5-18-22 (4).jpg

Dark Pink Girl

Lavender Girl 5 wks 5-18-22 (10).jpg

Lavender Girl

Blue Green Boy

Blue Green Boy 5 wks 5-18-22 (3) (600x800).jpg
Gray Boy 5 wks 5-18-22 (5).jpg

Gray Boy

Green Boy 5 wks 5-18-22 (9) (800x713).jpg

Green Boy

Orange Boy

Purple Boy

Light Blue Boy

Light Blue Boy 5 wks 5-18-22 (2) (800x766).jpg

Red Boy

Orange Boy 5 wks 5-18-22 (8).jpg
Purple Boy 5 wks 5-18-22 (6).jpg
Red Boy 5 wks 5-18-22 (1).jpg

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