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 Rayna and Capone's Puppies were born on May 31st ! There is 1 male and 7 females. There are 3  females available for adoption.  These babies will be able to go home at 8 weeks on July 26, 2024. 



Puppies at 7 weeks old 7-19-24

The only Boy ( he's adopted)  Blue Boy

Blue Boy AKA Maverick 7 wks 7-19-24 (2).JPG

The Girls......

Gray Girl

Gray Girl 7 weeks 7-19-24 (1).JPG

Pink girl

Pink Girl 7 wks 7-19-24 (5).JPG

Yellow Girl

Yellow Girl 7 wks 7-19-24 (3).JPG

Red Girl Adopted

Red Girl 7 wks 7-19-24 (6).JPG

Orange Girl (Adopted)

Green Girl (Adopted)

Green Girl AKA Delilah 7 wks 7-19-24 (13).JPG
Orange Girl  AKA Millie 5 wks 7-5-24 (3).JPG

  Harley Quinn and Capone's puppies arrived on Fathers Day June 16th.  There are 2 boys and 4 girls. There are 3 females available for this litter.  They will be able to go home on August 11, 2024.......

Harley Quinn

Harley 6-2024.jpg


Capone 19 months.jpg

Puppies at 5 weeks 7-21-24

The Girls....

Blue Red Girl, Adopted

Blue Red Girl 5 wks 7-21-24 (3).JPG

Green Purple Girl

Green Purple Girl 5 wks 7-21-24 (5).JPG

Pink Purple Girl

Pink Yellow Girl

Pink Purple Girl 5 wks 7-21-24 (9).JPG
Pink Yellow Girl 5 wks 7-21-24 (2).JPG

The Boys.....

Gray Green Boy

Black Yellow Boy

Green Gray Boy AKA Clyde 5 wks 7-21-24 (2).JPG
Black Yellow Boy AKA  Ernie 5 wks 7-21-24(10).JPG

Updated 7-23-24

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