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                   2 year limited Warranty  

Valid for Puppies born after July 1, 2022

***Puppies born between March 1 2020 and June 1, 2022 will still have a lifetime limited warranty****

First and foremost in order to keep your warranty valid you must:
      **Visit your vet with your puppy within 3 days of taking ownership of the puppy for a complete health exam.
      **Have your puppy started on the "NuVet" Supplements immediately upon taking the puppy home.  Not keeping your puppy on these supplements will void this entire warranty. There is a page dedicated for the purchase of these supplements.
This warranty is valid for the following: Genetic/Hereditary diseases such as:
Hip or Elbow Displaysia
DM-Degenerative Myelopathy
Hereditary organ diseases--heart disease, kidney disease, cataracts etc.   
  Diseases that are not covered by this warranty:
   Cancer, bloat, umbilicle hernias, coccidiosis, intestinal parasites, heartworm, lymes disease, giardia , distemper, parvo, kennel cough, parainfluenza, adenovirus and carona virus.​--Many of these diseases can be prevented by vaccinations that must be given at 3 year intervals after the initial puppy shots and one year boosters. Vaccinations given every year after 1 year of age will void this warranty. Ask your vet about the vaccination boosters that are good for 3 years, Nobivac Canine 3-DAPV is an example of one.  Your dog should still receive a once a year check up. 
**If at any time your puppy/dog is diagnosed with a Genetic/hereditary disease, it must be confirmed with a second opinion from a second Board Certified Veterinarian. 
**No money will be refunded for any reason. If a medical claim is confirmed, a replacement puppy will be provided when one is available. 
Reasons for this warranty to be voided are:
**If your puppy/dog is not kept on the "NuVet" supplements starting at the time of purchase and throughout it's lifetime.
**Change of ownership--if the dog is sold or given to a different owner
**Not having a yearly health checkup on your dog.-documentation will be required.
**Injuries from accidents that may affect the dog later in it's life, documentation will be required
**Booster vaccinations given every year after 1 year of age. 
**Any disease that is related to or caused by the dog not being spayed or neutered.

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